torsdag 18 augusti 2011


So, yeah, I've switched blog-adress.

Well, basically, it looks the same, but the adress was keeping getting mixed up, so I've switched from to
just to keep things simple.

Why don't you check it out? :D

And, don't forget to update your blog-feed with the new adress so you won't miss any of my sweet updates! ;)

tisdag 26 juli 2011

Black and white sneek peek.

Another sneek peek at one of my current projects, "Ont".
This sure is one of the most visually challenging comics I've ever done.
I'm really pushing myself, trying to get better with every panel and not chickening out with the black areas! My goal is to use as much black as I dare to get more depth into my pages.


My plan is to also computer color one gray shade to create depth.
I can hardly wait 'til I'm done!

And, my thoughts are with the victims of the Norway massacre and their loved ones.
It's a horrible, horrible thing that happened this Friday, and I can't put words on how devastating this truly is.

"Let's LOVE the world to PEACE!"

lördag 9 juli 2011

"Ont" preview

Hey y'all!
Hope you're enjoying the summer sun :) I've been indoors all day drawing, but it's alright. Soon, I'm of to see TRANSFORMERS 3!! Yayness!!

Below is a sneek peek at one of my current projects called "Ont" (swed. "hurt").
Page 5, last panel. Look!! A background!!

ont fanny m bystedt

This is the song of today!

Been listening to it on repeat all day. Even though I'm drawing I can't help to shake my shoulders. Love the beat!

Also... I'm in love with Vin Diesel. =^^=

onsdag 6 juli 2011

Len for Teru :D

More gift art! :DD

After work one evening, I chilled out and drew this pictue of my friend Teru cosplaying "Len" from Volcaloid!
Len for Teru by Fanny M Bystedt
Hope you'll enjoy! :D

Check out Teru's awesome art (and read ConCom!)!

Well, gotta get back to work!

måndag 4 juli 2011

A picture for Elise

Das ist für meine liebe Freundin Elise! :D
(my German grammar is not what it used to be, please don't sue!)

Ach, lieber Elise.
We've been friends since the winter 2004/2005! Time sure fly!
Here's a picture I drew for an art-trade with her when she came over to visit last week. It's been way too long since we last spent one on one time together!
I had such a good time! :D Just chillin, talking and "fika" (best Swedish thing ever!). Lying on the floor, drawing and listening to music, no need for words! Oh, it sure brings back sweet sweet memories of how high school used to be! *^^*

Here's the portrait of us two:

(no, we weren't naked, I just like the mood "nakedness" can give a picture :P)

Check out Elise's blog! She's awesome! :D

To the rest of my lovely friends;
I'm over-worked right now, but hope to see you soon!! Miss you all!! Think of you every day!

Hugs, peace, over 'n out!


torsdag 23 juni 2011

This is just TOO unfair!!

How come I don't own a pink tank?!

(Yeah, I won't deny it; I have a thing for heavy vehicles ^^; )

måndag 13 juni 2011

Oh, manly men..

Another quick update.

Just scanned a few pictures, and this one is just too good not to share!

Another of my serious attempts at drawing a "manly man" last week.. Didn't really work out the way I wanted.. HOW did he end up standing in that riddiculous pose!? Gah!! (hence the shojo-glitter effect)

It's not that I don't enjoy manly men (trust me, personally I'm more into the broad, hairy viking/gladiator/cowboy kind of guys) but this is what I end up drawing!! DD: What the heck!!
This comes from favouring drawing curvy women all the time!


Well, at least now I know what I need to practice this summer.. -____-'


Peace out!