onsdag 15 december 2010


Work in progress.

Two pages completed. Four more to go. YOSH!

And, some encouraging cute korean boys to keep me going! <3

I better get going to my day-job so I can spend all night drawing (again)!

Love, peace, over n'out!

onsdag 8 december 2010


So, I couldn't help myself.. So what?
I started inking without all the pages being completely drawn yet.. I'm a bad girl, but hey, one can't always play by the rules! ;D

Last page, last panel..
(because, oddly, I felt like starting in the "wrong" end XDD)

Love, peace, over n' out!

// Fanny

måndag 6 december 2010

Page 6

Hello all!

I've felt more or less "creatively-drained" lately, and last week I also got a really bad cold and spent Thursday-Friday in bed, sleeping. So, this weekend I decided to NOT push myself and draw.

This resulted in me waking up this morning (Monday) feeling filled with excitement and will to draw!
So, here it is, the first sketches of the last page for "After Petroleum", my first comic-collaboration!

It's Margaret Killjoy's script and my drawings.
I don't know how many times I've tried to get that first panel right! I've drawn it over and over again, but hopefully, it'll work out this time :) I changed the angle of the table and some of the setting, but mostly it's the same as the script. I've done my best to stick with the script, and only done a few minor changes (like, angles and character positions etc.)
Ooooh~ I can't wait 'til I get to put ink on the pages! But, his script's much more detailed than mine (backgrounds etc) so it takes longer than usual to draw. For example, this room's filled with people and dining-ware. But, it really is fun to challenge myself in this new way :)

Listening to "Kan någon ringa 112" on repeat today!
I've been looking forward to the music video for weeks! :3

Love, peace, over 'n out!

// Fanny

torsdag 2 december 2010

AltCom 2010

Hello everyone!

Hope you're being able to keep (somewhat) warm in this snowy winter-madness! My best advice is tea, tea, and tea!
Sadly, I haven't been doing a very well job on this myself.. Since.. Well, I'm down with a pretty bad cold. More or less lost my voice (hurts!), but been home (and sleeping) all day and hope to be back to "normal" and work soon. :)

Anyhow, here's my (late) update from AltCom, the "alternative comic"-festival that was held here in beautiful Malmö in November.

There was tons of exhibitions and events, which mostly I missed due to work (a girl's gotta eat!), but I was able to catch a few of them.

Below's two pics from the "MAUS"-exhibitions opening at the city library in Malmö, November 3rd.
(it will stay at there until January 16th, so there's plenty of time if you want to have a look at it (which, of course, is the case ~.^))

Malin and I. My "oldest" friend. She's the freckled cat portrayed in my comic (seen in the background). Love her so much! (Have a peek at her marvelous photography at her blog!)

I'm bad at taking pictures sometimes, I only have a handful from the opening of the exhibition. But, I take it that's better than none? Here's my very skilled and badass friend Robin! :DD

The "Mus/Mouse/Maus"-project is held by Jamil Mani and the Swedish Comic's Society. My addition can be seen at the exhibition, in Bild & Bubbla number 184 and below;

I was lucky enough to be present at the festival's main weekend (November 12-14th). It sure was a lot of fun, and a very inspiering atmosphere to be in. I got to meet tons of new, very interesting people, from all over the world and it sure was a very giving experience.
When not sitting at the table selling fanzines with co-ThinkInk;er Nathalie, and great buddies from PonnyKlubben, I helped out with the presentation and interviews of the festival's guests. Which is something I really enjoy to do and hope to do more in the future :)

Me, Nat and Johnie (of PonnyKlubben).

I want to thank everyone who visited with us at our table, all our customers, supporters and new friends :)
A special pat on the back goes out to Mattias Elftorp, for doing such a great job arrangeing the festival :)
It was a great weekend and I hope to see you next time around! (which, hopefully, will be in two years)

For more detailed info; visit http://www.altcomfestival.net/.

Have a great evening!
Love, peace, over 'n out

// Fanny