måndag 7 juni 2010

My Darling Elizabeth meets the End of The World

So, today I finally finished inking the last pages for my zombie high school romance-story My Darling Elizabeth.

Below is a preview panel from the comic. Enjoy!
(further info will be presented later)

"The End is Here and You're Invited!"
That's the title of the Comic Art School´s exhibition this week! Don't miss out!
Thursday the 10th of June is the opening between 19.00-21.00. Then it's exhibition Friday thru Sunday;
- Friday 12.00-18.00
- Saturday 12.00-18.00
- Sunday 12.00-18.00
Location; Serieskolan, Kvarnby Folkhögskola, Röda huset, Industrigatan 4, 212 14 Malmö
Art, great people and fanzines! What more could one wish for!?

Hope to see you then!

Love and peace
// Fanny

onsdag 2 juni 2010

Zombies galore! :D

Hello ya'll!

Summer's finally come to southern Sweden!
It's late this year... Last year I was at the beach in Lomma in May. Today was the first day I went to school without a jacket (my hoddie was sufficient enough)! Well, it's sweet outside, and I'm enjoying myself!

My current comics-project is a re-make of my "old" Elizabeth. A zombie story.

Here I've tried to use both my "clean" inking and "dirty" one, to give effect and a scary feeling to the pages. I'm having lots of fun with this! Yesterday I got the 5th page inked, and I hope to be done altogether by Friday (so I can spend the weekend adding gray-scales. This I haven't used on any of my comics before, so it'll be interesting how it all turns out :3)

My next project will also be a zombie story, and my first time working with a manuscript written by someone else. A challange I'm looking forward to! I've done a few character doodles, but will not start sketching until My Darling Elizabeth is finished :)

Well, I have a feeling I'm TOO MUCH into zombies ATM. I even had a nightmare with zombies at a airport a few nights ago! DD: That's a first!

Below are the cover illustration for My Darling Elizabeth and page 4. Enjoy!

Love, peace and zombies! <3

// Fanny