måndag 30 augusti 2010

Compact living.

Slow on updates, but here we go...
It's been almost a month since I got back to Malmö, Sweden after spending a memorable month with my American friends and family in Colorado. Thank you guys!

Since then, well, it's been interesting. Quite hectic at times, but nothing I can't handle.
I still haven't found an apartment, which means that I'm still homeless, more or less. I don't have to live out on the streets, really, but I don't have a place of my own just yet. I've been all over, but I guess it just hasn't worked out with the ones I've looked at so far. Just gotta keep looking, I guess. Meanwhile, the best boyfriend in the world (this based on my own personal experience) let's me stay with him. It's small, but we make it work. Lots of love :D

With only one room in the apartment, there's really no space for me to sit and work at my drawings. Luckily, Dotterbolaget's studio's all up and running, so I've spent some time there and it's been working out real well. Most of the others went to Finland for a week a little while ago, and it sure was lonesome without them. But, now they're back, and things will go back to normal. (I'll post pictures later of the studio)

Also, the job-hunting's gone so-so.
I got hired at this one place, but they turned out to be real shady and I didn't feel comfortable there, so I resigned less than 24 hours after getting the job. But, I've learned from that experience, and am still working hard, looking for a job.

On the upside of things (except having tons of loving and supporting people around me) the work with my childrens' book's been progressing very well.. (I'll keep you updated on this ~.^)

Also, I've been given the honor to help out and be the coordinator for the Swedish Comic Society's "live stage" at the Book Fair in Gothenburg next month. There's tons of preparations to do, but it's very fun, and a learning experience for me :) I'll post more info on events and such once we've got the schedule together.

And at Mangakai Lund we're planning our annual small, one-day convention to the first part of October! Be there or be square!

Aaaand~ I'm taking a computer's (HTML and CSS) class at the university, starting Wednesday, so that'll be interesting.

I guess that's all for now. I better get back to try finding a job and a place to live. Or, no, I'll go with my favorite Yoda quote; "Do or do not, there is no try!" So, I guess that means I WILL find a job and apartment.. Wish me best of luck!

Love, peace, over and out!
// Fanny