måndag 29 november 2010

"Serier Mot Rasism"

Alright, good people!
Do the good deed and send your art here;


For my non-Swedish speaking friends and colleagues; this is a project called "Serier mot Rasism", which means "Comics Against Racism". A few of the brilliant students of this year's first graders at the Comic Art School in Malmö started this, and they've gotten a lot of positive response!
And, what can I do but agree? All kind of discrimination (gender, "race", age, sexual preferences) are NOT okay. And, comics and/or/ pictures are a great way to express views and personal opinions and share experiences. That is why I'm taking part in this project. So should you! If not by drawing, then by purchasing the anthology (it's in Swedish, but I'm sure the point still gets across).

Sneak-peek at my two contributions. I hope they'll approve and put one or both of them in the anthology. :)

I took a break in my work on the zombie-killing dutch girl and drew some lovely "Swedish" ladies yesterday. Inked them today. With a traditional brush only. Not to brag, but I think Im'm slowly getting a hold of it :) And, it's fun with the thickness and way the lines curves and bends. Also, it's cheap (this compared to expensive pens). Highly reccomended tool to use!
(in lack of scanner, I've photographed the drawing)

This while having the song "Swedish Girls" on repeat. I don't know why, but that song's just stuck to me and I looove it! Such an up-beat song! Energy! *thumbs up*
(Warning; this music video contains "nudity"!)

Snapshot of my lovely workplace in my new apartment! *loves* I lack storage and book-shelves, but I'm sorting that out.. Somewhat.. Slowly..
At home, I'm always accompanied by my dear friend; Jonas the ficus tree. We've been roomies for almost three years now and still going strong. Gotta love him!

More great blog-updates to follow on the new Harry Potter-movie, my "man-skills" and snow, snow, snow!
Now I need to go make some hot tea, before my fingers fall of! *cold*

Love, peace, over n' out!

måndag 22 november 2010

Le Café

This song has devoured my brain.. I just can't get it out of my head!

tisdag 16 november 2010

Happy Chaos..

Hello everyone!

Fall is here. Leaves falling down. Winter-jacket on. Cold. Cold. Cold. Two covers + double fleece-blanket when I go to bed (+ payamas). Wind and rain in the town of Malmö, Sweden. But, still, I'm smiling.

My life continues to be somewhat chaotic, even though it's slowly sorting itself out and calming down (thank God!)..

First; I was lucky enough to stumble across a available apartment. Then I got my old day-time job back. Still, working on several art-project. A lot to do. A LOT to do. At the same time... As always.. But, hey, I guess I'm used to it by now.. I guess I've always been this way. Always tons of stuff going on..

So, I moved into my lovely little apartment about twoo weeks ago. Several of my friends helped me out! THANK YOU!!! I really appreciate your time and effort! Couldn't have done it without you! (4th floor, no elevator!) There's still a massive clutter, and tons of stuff everywhere. This due to lack of time to sort through it all (a girl's gotta work!) and a massive number of books.. Well, I don't want to say i have too many books (mostly comics). I'd rather say my bookshelves are too small!

(Moving, part one. Anders and I enjoying some coffee after our hard work!)

(Moving, part two. After my first night in the new apartment, this is what I woke up to!)

(A LOT to sort through!)

(Johnie enjoying my book-treasure! :D)

I also have several deadlines crowding on top of each other.. (November is a heck of a month for me!) And, working longer hours at my daytime-job than planned, lead up to last week looking like this;

- getting up early (8.30) and drawing right away

- working 8 ½ hours

- going home and drawing again until 2-3.30 am..

and so on.. I listened to this song, over and over again, to boost my energy! LOVE IT!

But, I finished two projects last week and have now sent my material to Bild & Bubbla and Galago. That sure feels nice :) Really looking forward to seeing them in print! X3

(the first panel in my 4-page comic for Bild&Bubbla!)

And, now.. on to the next project!

I've also done cosplay, gone to a manga-convention and Alt-Com, but an update on that later. Now; I need to get some lunch before going of to work!

Love, peace, over n' out!

// Fanny