onsdag 26 november 2008

Serieskolan at Julstöket in Lund 30th of November (this Sunday).

Come meet me and my classmates at Julstöket!
We'll be selling our "Get a Grip" and "The Halloween Fanzeen" fanzines at the market! There'll also be our individual fanzines.

Our latest collaboration is the Christmas Fanzine.
Since most of the class failed to be done on time, we only have a preview, but still it's greeeeat~ (my comic's in it) so come see us (and buy our stuff :D)!

This is the first page of my christmas comic to the christmas fanzine,
"Tragic Christmas Love Story". About a ginger bread couple and the
tragic end to their love.. Aaaah~ <3
Julstöket at Kulturen, Lund (TegnérsplatsenBox 109522104 LUND)
Sunday, 30th of November

söndag 16 november 2008


.. så var det tänkt att jag skulle sprida min kreativa glädje på det fantastiska intranätet :3

Måste bara lära mig hur det funkar först -___-''