torsdag 18 augusti 2011


So, yeah, I've switched blog-adress.

Well, basically, it looks the same, but the adress was keeping getting mixed up, so I've switched from to
just to keep things simple.

Why don't you check it out? :D

And, don't forget to update your blog-feed with the new adress so you won't miss any of my sweet updates! ;)

tisdag 26 juli 2011

Black and white sneek peek.

Another sneek peek at one of my current projects, "Ont".
This sure is one of the most visually challenging comics I've ever done.
I'm really pushing myself, trying to get better with every panel and not chickening out with the black areas! My goal is to use as much black as I dare to get more depth into my pages.


My plan is to also computer color one gray shade to create depth.
I can hardly wait 'til I'm done!

And, my thoughts are with the victims of the Norway massacre and their loved ones.
It's a horrible, horrible thing that happened this Friday, and I can't put words on how devastating this truly is.

"Let's LOVE the world to PEACE!"

lördag 9 juli 2011

"Ont" preview

Hey y'all!
Hope you're enjoying the summer sun :) I've been indoors all day drawing, but it's alright. Soon, I'm of to see TRANSFORMERS 3!! Yayness!!

Below is a sneek peek at one of my current projects called "Ont" (swed. "hurt").
Page 5, last panel. Look!! A background!!

ont fanny m bystedt

This is the song of today!

Been listening to it on repeat all day. Even though I'm drawing I can't help to shake my shoulders. Love the beat!

Also... I'm in love with Vin Diesel. =^^=

onsdag 6 juli 2011

Len for Teru :D

More gift art! :DD

After work one evening, I chilled out and drew this pictue of my friend Teru cosplaying "Len" from Volcaloid!
Len for Teru by Fanny M Bystedt
Hope you'll enjoy! :D

Check out Teru's awesome art (and read ConCom!)!

Well, gotta get back to work!

måndag 4 juli 2011

A picture for Elise

Das ist für meine liebe Freundin Elise! :D
(my German grammar is not what it used to be, please don't sue!)

Ach, lieber Elise.
We've been friends since the winter 2004/2005! Time sure fly!
Here's a picture I drew for an art-trade with her when she came over to visit last week. It's been way too long since we last spent one on one time together!
I had such a good time! :D Just chillin, talking and "fika" (best Swedish thing ever!). Lying on the floor, drawing and listening to music, no need for words! Oh, it sure brings back sweet sweet memories of how high school used to be! *^^*

Here's the portrait of us two:

(no, we weren't naked, I just like the mood "nakedness" can give a picture :P)

Check out Elise's blog! She's awesome! :D

To the rest of my lovely friends;
I'm over-worked right now, but hope to see you soon!! Miss you all!! Think of you every day!

Hugs, peace, over 'n out!


torsdag 23 juni 2011

This is just TOO unfair!!

How come I don't own a pink tank?!

(Yeah, I won't deny it; I have a thing for heavy vehicles ^^; )

måndag 13 juni 2011

Oh, manly men..

Another quick update.

Just scanned a few pictures, and this one is just too good not to share!

Another of my serious attempts at drawing a "manly man" last week.. Didn't really work out the way I wanted.. HOW did he end up standing in that riddiculous pose!? Gah!! (hence the shojo-glitter effect)

It's not that I don't enjoy manly men (trust me, personally I'm more into the broad, hairy viking/gladiator/cowboy kind of guys) but this is what I end up drawing!! DD: What the heck!!
This comes from favouring drawing curvy women all the time!


Well, at least now I know what I need to practice this summer.. -____-'


Peace out!


The outlook for this summer is work work woooork.. And work..
I hope to spend some evenings with my friends, but more or less I'm all work this summer.

Fulltime at my "parttime" gives me less time for my art and other projects, but it's all good.. I'm superwoman!! FaitooOOOooo!!

This summer I've rented a workspace at Seriestudion, Malmö. Feels so good to be in such an inspiering environment. I'll update later what my project is.. ;)

Today, I'm listening to Adam Lambert! *hearts*

Well, gotta go back to work!



torsdag 9 juni 2011

Self portrait and men!

I looked through my illustration gallery at my webpage
and realised pretty much all my pictures were of animals and/or females.. Hmmm.. I wonder..

Anyhow! Here's two males I drew today, just to even things out a bit!

Taking a short break from my current project, I also drew a self-portrait.
Ursula ain't got nuthin' on me! ;D
Me and my two fintail fishes Nypon and Snape! *hearts*
A really quick draw, but it turned out pretty well!! Only thing is, my hair looks dark.. and not blonde as it should be.. Ah, well.. At least the fishes are cute! :3

Love, peace over n' out!


onsdag 11 maj 2011

SPX 2011

Thanks for all the good times!
And a special thank you to you who stopped by, chatted and/or bought a fanzine!

See ya'll next year!

Diana Davidsson, Nathalie Nilsson, David Linde, Fanny M Bystedt and Amanda Hakim.

Our happy table.
Four of the Think Ink artists + David!!

tisdag 10 maj 2011

Webpage illustration

Just finished the work on my Mom's hompepage. :)
I'm very very happy with the result! I'm trying out more digital coloring and having fun fun fuuuun~!

(She's a vet)

onsdag 4 maj 2011

SPX 2011 - Here I come!!

Sometimes the inferiority-complex strikes me and I get the feeling that, nah, I don't get anything done!
But, then reality slaps me in the face and tells me otherwise!

This is what I'm featured in at SPX this weekend:


Think Ink Fanzine # 5 - Absolutely Scandalous Stories!
It is what the title says. ;)
Make sure you get a hold of one!
Special guest appearance by the amazing T.Wadbro!

Swedish Comic Sin 2
It's back! It's big! And, you know you want one! ;)

Here's four of the pages from my featured comic "Treat".
Enjoy! ;)
The book can be purchased by me, or one of the other artists, at SPX this weekend and/or by emailing me at fannymbystedt(a)








Serier Mot Rasism!
(swed. comics against racism)
Here's one of my two featured pages:

Read more about Serier Mot Rasism here.


Nasses Necrozins Citatbok

Celebrating pure evil!


Dystopia # 11

Finally my zombie-love-story is in print! :D


I share the dystopia with Emre and Mattias, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the finished print! :D


Om Jag Hade Nio Liv

An autobiographic story you don't want to miss!
Short comic strips and one-page comics. Oh, all the silly things I do and think.
Drawn in my manga/animal/semi-realistic style that I'm experimenting with alot ATM.

The cover is hand painted around the edges! Pure art! Every zine is a original! <3
They're all numbered and signed.

Available in the stunning colors "somewhat blue" and "brown that looks a lot like fur".
Also, this is a very limited edition! (yeah, I got the comment that "50 is still a lot", but everything's a matter of perspective!!) I'm NOT printing any more of these once they're gone!
So, make sure you get ahold of one ;)




Hope to see ya'll at SPX!!
(Read more about Small Press Expo here)

Hugs, love and sunshine!


onsdag 27 april 2011

Happy (belated) easter!

Drew and inked last week, but haven't updated the blog 'til now, but anyhow:



torsdag 21 april 2011


This weekend I went to Lund and Mangakai Lund's Kodachi-con! :D
An event/festival for japanese popular culture with tons of fun! Anime, dorama, art, food, games, cosplay, competition etc.

T.Wadbro, Diana Davidsson and me. :)
I finally got to wear my new yukata! Yay!

I had SO much fun all weekend! And, even though I was one of the "gophers" and organizers, and had tons of stuff to get done and work the whole weekend, I had a great time hanging out with all the friends I don't get to see very often.

Hope to see ya'll soon!



These Sweet Lolitas were just too adorable not to take pics of! X3

And, just look at this pokémon cosplayer! Cute!

fredag 15 april 2011

Digital coloring

Hello world!

The sun is shining today, and I just had some ice cream and coffee, and soon I'm off to my parttime job.

But, first:
I was going to color this lineart today and thought "Heck! I'm going to try out some digital coloring!"
So I did, but tried to keep that smudged feel I like with my watercolors. Not 100% what I wanted the outcome to be, but I'm learning :)

Does anyone have any good points on digital coloring, or a specific programme, that gives a watercolor look?


Also, Think Ink printed our fifth fanzine yesterday and it's going to be AWESOME!
It will be released at SPX.

And, Swedish Comic Sin 2 is of the print, and will also be relseased at SPX! :)

So much love and naught comics to look forward to! X3

Peace and Love


måndag 4 april 2011

"Absolutely Scandalous Stories!!"

Think Ink is working on our next fanzine! :D
Woheeeey! Look forward to it!

Felt like doing a group-pic, so here ya'll go.
And, as you might notice, there's one more animal than usual.. Stay tuned! ;)

måndag 14 mars 2011

Self portrait

Me and my fintail fish Naruto. *loves*

tisdag 8 mars 2011


I did!!! I did! I DIIIID! :DD

So, here it is; my new look;

(sorry, I didn't even bother to comb my hair yesterday, since it was all going OFF anyways!)

and at the hair dresser's after she'd done her magic;

I went to Sofie at Frisyrmakarna in Malmö and was SOOO satistied with her work! :D
She seemed to enjoy cutting my hair, and she knew what she was doing. Highly reccomended!

But, Fanny!? Why did you cut your hair so short?!
Well, I've been thinking about cutting it really short for quite some while.. Especially after watching Big Bang (one of my fave music groups; a korean "boyband") music videos this fall and realizing how totally AWESOME TaeYang looked in his mohawk, and I thought "Heck, I can pull that of!"

(though I don't want it that short on the sides.. )

Actually, what I originally wanted to do was let my hair grow long again.. But, that takes a few years, and I figured, well, since it's already pretty short, I might as well go all out and cut it even shorter before letting it grow again :) I mean, why not? And, I've been wanting to cut it for some time, but haven't dared to. I've been worried that it would be against work dresscode. So I'd decided to wait and not cut it until I start the university this fall, but .. I didn't really want to wait that long..
So, when my colleague assured me that I can wear my hair whichever way I want to work, I thought "Why wait? Let's do it!!"

So, yesterday it all went down.
And this is how awesome I look today..

I'm very excited and happy that it looks so great! The sun is shining and all is well. Still, I have a zillion of things to get done today, but I couldn't feel much better about myself right now!

Also, today is the international women's day!


Here's the new Big Bang music video for you guys to rock out to! :D



söndag 6 mars 2011

Pumped up

I'm super psyched! Tomorrow's going to be an awesome day, I'm sure!
I have something epic planned.. Something I've secretly wanted to do for quite some time..

Stay tuned and I'll let you guys know how it goes.. ;)

This is what I'm listening to right now, dancing around in my apartment.

I feel so energetic and free!



tisdag 1 mars 2011

SCS2 done and exclusive sneak peek at my comic!


It was a long, hard night of work..
Yes.. ALL night. I got home yesterday around 9 pm after workning the evening shift at my "dayjob". And, then I drew drew drew. Sketched, inked, scanned, computer touched-up and added text and by noon today it was all done and sent in! Go me! :D

I've been overly busy lately and more or less had to finsih the entire 16page comic (+ titelpage and selfportrait) in just two weeks. And, I did! Everything's poss
ible! Still while having my "regular" job as well :)
I can't express how proud I am of myself! I've worked hard and done what's needed to be done!

Below is a juicy sneak-peek for ya'll to enjoy!
(part of page 11)

Because I love drawing curvy women and glasses are one of the sexiest things ever!

The Swedish Comic Sin anthology will be out in May!!
(will be available for purchase through artists)

Stay tuned!


lördag 26 februari 2011


It's cold outside in Malmö town, and I'm staying indoors, doing my best to keep warm while working hard at finishing my submission to the Swedish Comic Sin number 2 anthology.
This while baby-sitting the family dog for over a week.. it has it's challenges, like paws running across originals, but we're getting by...

For some reason I decided to put long, curly, wavy hair on the female main character and a just as flowing, frilly dress on her as well.. It's turned out it's a lot of fun to draw and ink with the brush.. but it takes a lot more time that I'd thought, and I still have my day-job, so.. well.. Not a whole lot of sleep, and way too much candy and coffee, but it's getting close to being finished :) Fun fun fuuuun!

The SCS2 will be out for the Swedish SPX in Stockholm may 6-8 2011.
Read more about it at the blog.

söndag 13 februari 2011

Happy Valentines Hearts Friend Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Friends' Day! (if you're in/from Finland)

Happy Every Heart's Day! (if you're in/from Sweden)

Just a quick pic I drew to honor my loved ones.. There's quite a few of you.
And, even if I don't see you very often, I think of you and keep you in my heart. All of you.

Love, peace, respect
over n' out


onsdag 9 februari 2011

Challenge: "perfection"

"What's most important is how we look."

Monday, I hung out, drawing with my dear friend Malin and she showed me the movie "Killing us Softly 4" by Jean Kilbourne.

It shows examples of advertisements, and how women are portrayed, objectified and sexualized in today's advertisement. But, also how we always have been, at least during the 30some years of her research, and that it's escalating, creating an unreachable image of "perfection" that youcannot diet yourself into.

Advertisement teaches us, that no matter what you do, as a woman, it's all about how we look. Not what's inside. Not your personality. Advertisement tells us a man will never love you for who you are, but for how you look.

"He said he loved me for my personality. I have never been so insulted in my life"
Quote from example ad.

Below is a trailer of the movie (not full lenght!)

Advertisement makes us feel bad, ashamed of ourselves and our bodies. And, why?! The answer is; to make a profit.

Really, you should all watch this video! It's really an eye-opening experience!
I was shocked and enraged!
Why do we have to look a certain way? Well.. No! We do NOT!
Kilbourne teaches us about computer editing and that also, the body type that's presented in most advertisements only make up 5% of women! Most women, genetically, cannot look like models! Why do we even bother to try?!

I'm not saying that skinny people are evil, nor that obecety is a good thing. I really do believe weshould all strive to be healthy, eat balanced and exercise on a regular basis (you don't have to be an athelete, just be sure to take a walk and/or run once in a while!)
What I'm saying is that we do NOT have to feel bad about our bodies. Emrace yourself. You are perfect just the way you are!

I look around me, and notice that in comics, also, most women are long-legged, volumptious and skinny. I don't know if this is intentional or not, but it does remind me of the way women are portrayed in advertisement and fashion. The media's "ideal beauty".

I try to draw a bit more curvy women once in a while, but now I felt I should realy go all out and therefore challenged myself to draw a body-type I usually do not draw. And I challenge all of you to do the same!!

So, here I present to you;


Yes, she's a heavy set, naked woman.
It's a drawing.
Deal with it.
(I won't censor it, there's nothing wrong with a drawing of a naked body. Go to a museum and see for yourselves!)

You can find the full video of "Killing us Softly 4" online if you "look for it".

Have a great, sunny day!
Love yourselves!


fredag 4 februari 2011

Fanny is officially a "crazy fish lady" and "mother" of six..

After years of longinly watching fishtanks, I have my own filled with lovelies again!

When I was a kid, I had a fishtank at my Dad's.
Then tens years went by. Fishless. Due to my living-situation(s) over the last few years, I've been unable to keep an aquarium. But, when I got the news I DID get the rental-apartment I applied for my first thoughts were:
"YES! YES! YES! Independence! I can do whatever I want! I'm going to have FISHES AGAIN!"

I was SO excited!
I went to Dad's basement, dug up the fishtank and fixed it up. Replaced some parts of the pump, filled it with water and plants and let it stand and become "fish-ready" for a week before taking that belonged trip to the zoo-store to pick my babies up. :)
The picture above shows the fish-less tank. It stands, tastefully, in my kitchen. (please spare me the sushi-jokes.. it's not funny -___-') That way I can enjoy their company while having my breakfast! :)

This is what I brought home with me from the store!
Fish-food. water-cleaner, rocks, holiday-food and two bags with fishes, wrapped in news paper. I felt so sorry for them! And wanted them out of there as soon as possible, but you can't just throw them into the tank. They might get a chock from the difference in water-temperature.

"Hello! Hello! Let us out! .. Please?!"

To make sure the fish won't go into chock, you place the bags (still closed) in the tank for (at least) 15 minutes so that the water in the bag will get the same temperature as the water in the tank.

Here's Snape. He's pretty agressive. For being a fantail fish.

Happily swimming around.

Here's Luke. Or Leia.. I don't know.. They both look the same. That's why they have similar names XD

Picture (above) taken with flash. Sadly their colors don't show so well.. Here's Naruto. I HAD to get a goldfish, just to give him (I suspect it's a her, actually) the name Naruto. For the heck of it. Then there's Nypon (swedish word for "rosehip", named by Malin) and Stephanie, becuause I felt I had to name something after someone in the Stephanie Plum-series.. I suspect Stephanie is a male.. Ah, well, what to do..

Stepanie and Naruto.
And, yes, those are pokémon glass-balls.

I've had them for almost two weeks and we're getting by fine :)
Fintail fishes doesn't have a proper stomach (just an intestine) and thereby need to get fed twice a day. Hungry little fatties. They also need a lot of cleaning, the messy little buggers, and they "re-arrange" the sand all the time.
But, ah, still, gotta love them. They're cute, and good company.
Guess I'm a nerd. Nothing new, though.

Have a great day!

Love, peace, respect and pretty fishes