torsdag 27 januari 2011

This little piggy..

Contribution to the Nasse's Necrozine quote anthology.
I hope they'll like it enough to put it in the book :)

A fun draw!

My quote reads "Har du kramat din avtryckare idag?"
(swed. Have you squeezed(actually; hugged) your trigger today?)

Tried out a new way of coloring. Turned ot quite well :)
Inked with artist's brush and pelican drawing ink. Greyscales in Photoshop.

Peace out!

tisdag 18 januari 2011

Not quite winter, not quite spring

Malmö sure is cold and gray this time of year.. Not cold enough to actually be called winter, but not warm enough for the spring flowers to bloom. Even though most of the snow's melted away, there's still plenty of ice and the roads are slippery.

Today, I'm off from my daytime-job and has spent it doing laundrary and my book-keeping, which actually isn't as hard as I've thought it'd be.. Just keep things simple and you'll be alright ;D (talking about the book-keeping here, washing clothes is a piece of cake! *housewife-skills*)

"Västra hamnen" (west harbour), Malmö. Today.

Also, I'm "dogsitting" today. My Dad's and his ladyfriend Ann's Rottweiler/Setter-something named Roxy, who is just a total doll.. She's quite a handful, but a lot of fun..

Look at her eyes! Like Cleopatra! :D So pretty!

Ribersborg, Malmö.. Just a few minutes from my apartment! :)

She's such a good, sweet dog. But, ah, when she plays.. she plays hard.. ;D
(to the right, a Golden Retriver that was down at the beach)

Haha! Ninja-dog! XDD A laugh-out-loud picture, indeed!

My own, personal stalker. Fallowing my every step in the tiny apartment.

But, ah yes, she's a good dog, and it's really nice to have some fur:y company once in a while :)) I want a pet sooo bad, but I can't right now.. T^T
Oh, whine whine whine.. I can always "borrow" my parents and friends' dogs once in a while.. but still.. it's not the same.. My goal is to have a pug in five years or so, though :3 Can hardly wait!

Meanwhile.. I'm working on fixing up my aquarium so that I can get my fishes soon! X33 Hopefully, next week! *longing*

Well, now, it's back to the drawingtable for me, and I wish all of you a great evening!

Peace out!

fredag 14 januari 2011

Gosh, I'm soooo bad at updating this thing! Ah, well, anyways, here we go:

Hope ya'll had a great holiday and new year's celebration with friends and/or family! :D I know I sure did! :) I spent a lovely three weeks in Colorado this winter, and it was ton's of fun. (update on this later) But, now I'm back in lovely Malmö again, and already it's back to work work woooork! :)

My "regular-grown-up"-job's going great so far! I really enjoy it, and my colleagues are a lot of fun. :) Also, I think it's good for me to get all that exercise and workout (honestly, working at a grocery store is HARD work!) since I otherwise spend most of my time on my butt: drawing, reading and writing.. And I still have an unhealthy relationship to candy.. :/ Ah, well.. I can't be all saint, gotta have some flaws ;D

ATM I'm adding the last touches at the zombie-comic. It's been hard, long work, but I think it's looking GREAT! I hope the writer of the script'll be as happy about the outcome as I am :)

"Don't shoot! I'm not a zombie!"
But, looking at my reference pictures of Amsterdam makes me really want to go there. It looks like a very different, interesting town! The houses are just amazing, all crammed together, more or less on top of one another.. A pain to draw, but it looks really neat! :D

Anyhow, I better get back to work..
Here's the tune of today.. Listening to my old The Knife CD :)

Love, Peace, over 'n out!