onsdag 11 maj 2011

SPX 2011

Thanks for all the good times!
And a special thank you to you who stopped by, chatted and/or bought a fanzine!

See ya'll next year!

Diana Davidsson, Nathalie Nilsson, David Linde, Fanny M Bystedt and Amanda Hakim.

Our happy table.
Four of the Think Ink artists + David!!

tisdag 10 maj 2011

Webpage illustration

Just finished the work on my Mom's hompepage. :)
I'm very very happy with the result! I'm trying out more digital coloring and having fun fun fuuuun~!

(She's a vet)

onsdag 4 maj 2011

SPX 2011 - Here I come!!

Sometimes the inferiority-complex strikes me and I get the feeling that, nah, I don't get anything done!
But, then reality slaps me in the face and tells me otherwise!

This is what I'm featured in at SPX this weekend:


Think Ink Fanzine # 5 - Absolutely Scandalous Stories!
It is what the title says. ;)
Make sure you get a hold of one!
Special guest appearance by the amazing T.Wadbro!

Swedish Comic Sin 2
It's back! It's big! And, you know you want one! ;)

Here's four of the pages from my featured comic "Treat".
Enjoy! ;)
The book can be purchased by me, or one of the other artists, at SPX this weekend and/or by emailing me at fannymbystedt(a)gmail.com








Serier Mot Rasism!
(swed. comics against racism)
Here's one of my two featured pages:

Read more about Serier Mot Rasism here.


Nasses Necrozins Citatbok

Celebrating pure evil!


Dystopia # 11

Finally my zombie-love-story is in print! :D


I share the dystopia with Emre and Mattias, and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the finished print! :D


Om Jag Hade Nio Liv

An autobiographic story you don't want to miss!
Short comic strips and one-page comics. Oh, all the silly things I do and think.
Drawn in my manga/animal/semi-realistic style that I'm experimenting with alot ATM.

The cover is hand painted around the edges! Pure art! Every zine is a original! <3
They're all numbered and signed.

Available in the stunning colors "somewhat blue" and "brown that looks a lot like fur".
Also, this is a very limited edition! (yeah, I got the comment that "50 is still a lot", but everything's a matter of perspective!!) I'm NOT printing any more of these once they're gone!
So, make sure you get ahold of one ;)




Hope to see ya'll at SPX!!
(Read more about Small Press Expo here)

Hugs, love and sunshine!