lördag 13 mars 2010

Busy, busy, busy!! DDD:

Children's picture book, KEMI-comic and erotic-comic...
Working on those projects at the same time was.. interesting... XDD

Now, I finished my attibution to the Opal children's book contest and sent it on time. Cannot post anything from it here, due to the contest's rules. So, ya'll just have to hold your horses and wish me best of luck! <3

And, I finished "Best Friends Forever" right on time as well!
Thia is my attribution to the anthology-project "Swedish Comic Sin" along with some amazingly talented young artists from our beautiful country :) All stories are different, but very appealing (~ .^) and nicely executed..
Fallow the updates on this project here; http://swedishcomicsin.blogspot.com/
I've really wanted to draw dreads for quite some time (since I haven't done so before) and I enjoy diversity.. So, here's my two lovers; Adrian and Sage. *proud*

So, today I'm putting the last ink on my KEMI-comic. Have to post it Monday, so I better get my act together and just do it.. Listening to ''Din Gata'' keeps me going and gives me energy!

And, then there's the Japan-trip Tuesday! O.ô!! OHMIGAWD!!! JAPAN! ME!?!? I'm SO thrilled! We've been planning for quite some time, I'm sure it'll be an amazing trip! I'll post an travel-update once I get back home.. in two weeks X3

Tonight I'll take a little break. The bf'll be over. I'm going to cook some chicken and then we'll watch the Melodifestivalen! .. Not because any good songs ever win, but because it's tradition and I just HAVE to watch! XDD

Love, peace and health to the world!
// yours Fanny


tisdag 2 mars 2010

Fan Art Request! :D

Dear friends, readers and co-artists!

SPX (Small Press Expo) in Stockholm is coming up! (last weekend of April)

For this event, I will print my current project, Silver Pearl, as a fanzine book (manga manazine-size, 70 pages, with a proper professional glue binding).
In this book I will have a fanart-section and I would be delighted if some of you would attribute to this! :D (b/w, bitmap)

The comic can be read here:

(updated Tuesdays and Thursdays. The full story is not posted yet,but will be in the fanzine!)

Silver Pearl can be decribed as a highschool-drama story with a twist of fable and magic. It tells the story of William, son of the British Prime Minster, and his
bitter outlook on life; that there’s only money and power. That love is not for
real.. But, then one day he meets a mysterious girl in the forest and his whole
world is turned upside-down...
(sorry ladies, it’s NOT yaoi, but you’re free to interpret as you wish)

Deadline is April 1st.
Looking forward to see what you come up with!

// Fanny