onsdag 20 januari 2010

Dotterbolaget och FÄRG

Dags för uppdatering! :D

Dotterbolaget har varit så ljuvligt snälla och accepterat mig i sin grupp! Yay! Det skall bli spännande att få vara med :)
Just nu vankas det utställning i Norrköping och är full aktivitet inför detta. (mer info om denna när det är dags)

Igår var det möte och jag lämnade in en serie på 7 sidor + en illustration till "tema väggen" om våld.
Här lekte jag återigen med vattenfärger och känner att det blir bara bättre och bättre. :) Tycker om den luftiga känslan och jag ville att bilden skulle vara "mjuk", som en kontrast till det hårda innehållet.

Bilden är en sorts "preview" på ett projekt jag kommer att göra inom en obestämd framtid. När och hur resultatet blir får den som lever se..

(texten lyder: "Men.. Han är ju så snäll ... ibland")

tisdag 5 januari 2010

Conclusion of 2009

And then it's 2010.
Just like that! A year has passed already! Ohmigaaaawd~ time flies!O.ô!

Then, I'd say it's about time to do a quick recap and look at all the things I've accompliced this year..
- I put up my own homepage - http://www.fannymbystedt.se/ - January
Right now, it's under re-construction, but will be nothing but fabulous in a few weeks time!

- Nerdculture
During the fall of 2008 and sprin 2009, T. Wadbro, Robin Ragnarsson, Diana Davidsson and myself worked on our project called "Nerdculture", where we made comics about ourselves and our lives as nerds and students at the Serieskolan (comic's art school). We ended up printing a fanzine for SPX, with 50 copies that's now more or less sold out. :)

- International Manga Award - January
Sent a contribution called "If You Only Knew". No luck this time around, though.
But! I strongly believe that there's a meaning to everything that happens and that I learn something from each and every experience I go through. Not a single line is drawn without learning or getting better! I just have to keep pressing on and someday, I will break through!
The comic was later printed in "Pieces of My Heart" (no comics go to waste here!)

- Mangatalangen (swed: "the manga talent") - March
Sent a contribution to the contest, which sadly was cancelled. Too bad, not only for my sake, but it would have been fun to see how it went. So many of my friends and colleagues sent comics.
My comic was called "Sandra-det finaste som finns". Later translated into english (and was just called "Sandra") and printed in Think Ink's "Mangazine".

- "Welcome To Wonderland" - April
As a part of the ever so lovely comic-studio Think Ink, I was proud to present our second fanzine at SPX. This time with original characters and storeis (or first fanzine, in the fall of 2008, had been all fanart). The theme was "out of the ordinary" with vampires, muses, alice in wonderland, zombies etc.
Here I tried to step outside my box and drew a zombie-shojo (girl's comic), using a lot of black and white contrasts (for being me), and I was satisfied with the result.
The comic I made for this little anthology was called "Elizabeth", and was also printed in "Pieces of My Heart".

- "Pieces of My Heart" - April
Being inspired by my dear friend, and later mentor, Natalia Batista, looking how she was in the progress of printing her own books (!!) I wanted to give it a try myself. And, so I did. Working lika a madman, I not only drew all those pages and wrote all the text, but also did the cover + design and put it all together and brought to the print shop. A few of my friends did fanart (thank you guys!) Nat proof-read the whole thing (being my walking dictionary of choice). Natalia and her sister Catta gave me qriticue on the artwork, and, well, overall I could not have been able to finish it without Natalia. She's taught me sooo much!
The book was printed in 150 copies, and has been sold on several conventions, such as SPX, Finncon, Kodachi-kun etc. Over 100 (!) has been sold so far! (I will put it up for online sale through my homepage ASAP).
Hugs and love for everyone's support!
- SPX - April
Small Press Expo - a comics festival in Stockholm, Sweden.
This was my first time going, and I can see myself going here every year from now on! SO much fun! All the people, all the comics! Whew! Just overwhelmingly fun and interesting all over!

- Serieskolans (comics art school) yearly exhibition - June

- Finncon - July
Seven of my friends and I went to Finland's biggest manga/anime/sci-fi/fantasy convention!
We cosplayed, sold fanzines and got to meet the awesome Gorge R.R. Martin (read more here).

- Malmöfestivalen - August
The darling Frida and I held "Rita Gissa Vinn" (draw, guess, winn) for the first time at the festival.
A dynamic duo was born!

- Bokmässan - The Gothenburg Book Fair - September
My third time going to this marvelous event. Books. Books! BOOKS! Everywhere! I LOVE the atmosphere! The people! Sooo much to look at! It never ends! :D
Frida and I entered Seriefrämjandets stage once a day with "Rita Gissa Vinn"! Success! It was SO much fun! And, I got to meet a lot of new, exciting people! I hope to go this year as well!

- Mangazine
Think Ink's third fanzine (coverart by Amanda Hakim).

Every second year there's the "I Seriernas Värld" (swedish; "in the world of comics") festival in the lovely city of Malmö.
This time I had the opportunity to take part with the arrangements!
Frida and I held comic battles twice plus a dress-up contest at the masquearde party at Debaser! T.Wadbro and I held a cosplay catwalk during the introduction ceremony. Thanks to everyone that participated!
Also, Think Ink has a table at the market-area and sold fanzines :)

- ISV's comic contest
The festival also held a comics-contest. I participated with a comic called "Simon och Sahar" (Simon and Sahar). But, no luck this time either.
Still, I really love these two characters and the full concept and idea around them. In 2010, I will work more on them and hopefully it might lead somewhere.. Never give up!
- First professional illustration(s)!
Now, this is really something! Very big for me! I illustrated a ad + an icon for Kulturlovet (the culture break) for the city of Malmö! :D
The ad was printed in the ISV-booklet and the icon was seen not only on the internet, but all around town on posters and even in an ad in Metro!

- Hentai-doujinshi
I drew my first hentai (erotic) comic! :D *proud as proud can be* (read more here.)

- J-popcon
Cosplayed and sold fanzines at Denmarks largest con :D (read more here).
- Applied to start my own company
Skatteverket (the swedish tax agency) aught to drop me a letter any day now. Sooon~ I'll FINALLY have that FA-skattsedeln (tax-thingy that means you can bill people, more or less)! Yooosh!
Went to a info-meeting at the Skatteverket plus a full-day "Nyföretagar dag" (new-started company day) at standsbiblioteket in Malmö to prepare.

My lastest accomplicement was to finish my comic "Silver Pearl" on time to the Kodansha contest :)
This is a story I've wanted to do ever since 2004, so it feels really good having that all done. I am very proud with the finish as well. This will (probably) be made into a fanzine to SPX in the spring.

Yes, it sure has been quite a year! (here I even skipped writing all my personal drama -__-') And, I am sure that 2010 will bring new experiences, meetings, comics and friends.

Looking forward to it! <3

söndag 3 januari 2010

Silver Pearl

Så vart den äntligen avslutad! Min hittills längsta serie!
Den kommer att finnas som följetång här:

Uppdatering (med en sida) varje tisdag och torsdag.
Hoppas att ni kommer att uppskatta den!