måndag 31 maj 2010

Dotterbolaget's blog! :D


Now, everyone, gather up and head over to Dotterbolaget's blog! This week it's your very own Fanny's turn to do the writing!
Drawing by me, today. "We refuse to live kneeling!" Read the full story here.

// Fanny

tisdag 25 maj 2010

Jolly Komiks DK! :D

Hello ya'll!

Back from Komiks DK, and working on my latest project; a re-make of my "old" zombie-love story.. My Darling Elizabeth. More about that when I've got some more pics to post. For now you'll have to settle for the cover-sketch. :3
(behing are the old pages (from last year)).

Last week one of my two second-year mentors, Åsa Ekström, was a guest teatcher at the Comic Art School here in Malmö. She's written about her week (and me! :D) in her blog. It was nice to sit down and have a meeting with her, discuss my progress and plans plans and get constructive critisism.
The only way from here is UP!

Then, it was Komiks DK this weekend in Copenhagen, Denmark.
It was SUCH a good experience! Great people and great comics!
Friday, I attended the Danish comic price award cermony along with my mentor Åsa, classmate Martin and teacher Fredrik, who introduced me to new people. Very interesting! I hardly knew anyone to begin with, but it turned out to be a really nice evening. :3

(Maria, Nat and I, enjoying the glorious fast-food of Copenhagen)

Saturday and Sunday, Nat, Teru, Maria and I helped out at the Genki-corner at the convention. It's always a pleasure hanging out with our danish friends! We sold our fanzines and Maria held a short drawing lesson. Much appreciated!

My dear talented friend and classmate Martin Flink's book The Man of Glass debuted! Congrats! :D Of course I got in line to get myself a signed copy!

I was published for the very first time! Yay!
The Danish anthology SPRIT (Fahrenheit/AbenMaler) turned out really well and I got to meet a few of the co-artists at the convention, who all seeemed very nice :) I stood at the SPRIT-table for two hours Sunday and helped sell a few books. Thanks everyone who supported us!

Also, I got Dave Gibbon's signature in my Watchmen book! :D I asked for a Dr.Manhattan drawing, and he agreed to give me one! Happiness! Fangirl heaven!
(he doesn't look too happy, but who cares? XD)

Conclusion; I met a whole lot of new people, got tons of inspration and bought a few comics. Hopefully I've learned from this experience and my new connections might lead me somewhere..

As always, thanks to everyone who passed by our table! :D

Love, peace, over 'n out!

// Fanny *goes back to drawing zombies*

tisdag 18 maj 2010

Komiks DK this weekend! :D

Yes, the 21st through 23rd of May will be the Komiks DK, in Copenhagen Denmark!

Hoooray! Finally it's here! I've been looking so much forward to this event! This will be my first time at Komiks DK, and I'm very excited about it!

I'll be helping out my great danish friends at the Genki-table. Here you will able to get your hands on your very own copy of my "Silver Pearl"! I'll even sign it for you ;D

Also, I will be published in Aben Maler's anthology "SPRIT" with a seven page comic called "Everyday I See My Dream". It's a autobiographic story about my love for myself. Read more about the book here.
The book will be released at the convention and sold at Aben Maler's table. I'll be at the table 15-17 at Sunday, so please feel free to stop by then ^^
Below is a page from my short-comic featured in the book.

So, yes, I can hardly wait 'til the convention, the books and all the people! See you there! <3

Love and Peace
// Fanny

torsdag 13 maj 2010

Dotterbolaget-bloggen! ("Daughter Company blog")

Hey ya'll!

"Daughter Company" XD That just sounds too funny in english!
Well, anyway. As I've mentioned somewhere along the road, I've joined Dotterbolaget (or, they let me join?). This is a Swedish independent feminist comics-group. You can check out our homepage here: wwww.dotterbolaget.com
The girls are just all sweet and intelligent and they're really growing on me :3 I've only been able to attend two meetings so far, but I feel right at home! <3
Two weeks ago was the premiere for the Dotterbolaget-blog! Here we all take turns, a week each, and blog! Be sure to check it out! First out was Sara Hansson and this week's Sara Granér!

Love, peace, over 'n out!
// Fanny