torsdag 23 juni 2011

This is just TOO unfair!!

How come I don't own a pink tank?!

(Yeah, I won't deny it; I have a thing for heavy vehicles ^^; )

måndag 13 juni 2011

Oh, manly men..

Another quick update.

Just scanned a few pictures, and this one is just too good not to share!

Another of my serious attempts at drawing a "manly man" last week.. Didn't really work out the way I wanted.. HOW did he end up standing in that riddiculous pose!? Gah!! (hence the shojo-glitter effect)

It's not that I don't enjoy manly men (trust me, personally I'm more into the broad, hairy viking/gladiator/cowboy kind of guys) but this is what I end up drawing!! DD: What the heck!!
This comes from favouring drawing curvy women all the time!


Well, at least now I know what I need to practice this summer.. -____-'


Peace out!


The outlook for this summer is work work woooork.. And work..
I hope to spend some evenings with my friends, but more or less I'm all work this summer.

Fulltime at my "parttime" gives me less time for my art and other projects, but it's all good.. I'm superwoman!! FaitooOOOooo!!

This summer I've rented a workspace at Seriestudion, Malmö. Feels so good to be in such an inspiering environment. I'll update later what my project is.. ;)

Today, I'm listening to Adam Lambert! *hearts*

Well, gotta go back to work!



torsdag 9 juni 2011

Self portrait and men!

I looked through my illustration gallery at my webpage
and realised pretty much all my pictures were of animals and/or females.. Hmmm.. I wonder..

Anyhow! Here's two males I drew today, just to even things out a bit!

Taking a short break from my current project, I also drew a self-portrait.
Ursula ain't got nuthin' on me! ;D
Me and my two fintail fishes Nypon and Snape! *hearts*
A really quick draw, but it turned out pretty well!! Only thing is, my hair looks dark.. and not blonde as it should be.. Ah, well.. At least the fishes are cute! :3

Love, peace over n' out!