torsdag 22 juli 2010

View from the top!

There. I FINALLY did it!
I've climbed a mountain :DD

Went to the Rocky Mountains with my friend Jordan and her family this week, it was lovely! Tons of fun. And, yes, we did climb a mountain :3 My first one! It's called Hoosier Ridge, Summit, CO/Park 6, it's on the Continental divider and 12,331 feet high :DD

View from mountain-side, climbing upwards..

Not quite, but getting there!

View from the top!

Me and Jordan, exhausted but happy :)

There were some weird-looking rock piles on the top.. But the view sure was pretty! (note, rain clouds!)

Well, it was blowing SO hard, and the air is very light up there! It's hard to breathe! Now I understand why climbers say that you're outta breath, beacause, well, it's true! I'm used to being at sea-level, so being this far up really made my head spin, but I was very determined to reach the top. And, I can be pretty stubborn about things when I want to...

And, it was GORGEOUS up there! No wind on the top, strangely enough.. Flowers and some bees, sunshine on our faces :)

Well, going down, we heard thunder, and Jordan said:
"I don't mean to panic you, but we gotta RUN!"
So, we more or less had to "run" down the mountain (running is hard, in that angle, high up, going down, but we really had to hustle!). There was thunder and lightning and wind. Pretty soon the rain came, and with the rain; hail. And, let me tell you something; hail HURTS! And, we were well-above the tree-line (which means we were too high up for trees to grow), so we had nowhere to hide..

Anyways, we made it down, wet and cold, but happy.
Then we spent the rest of the day reading, under the covers, in the camper.

Ah, good times <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Sorry, just HAD to show you this...
This is.. Bear-spray. Yes, bear-spray! XDDD If a bear attacks you, well, you can't really stand a chance to a bear, but here's what you can use; bear-spray! (kinda like mace).. Just thought this was SO funny.. Still, I held on to that bottle.. very hard..

torsdag 1 juli 2010

Fanny on the Farm! :DD

Hello ya'll!

Just writing to let my Swedish friends and family know that I've arrived safe and sound in Holyoke, Colorado, USA!

(flying over Colorado, close to Denver!)

** Watch out, great nag:ness ahead!! **
There was SUCH a big hassle flying over!
At the Copenhagen Airport, I learned that my flight had been cancelled (note that I booked, and paid for my tickets, MONTHS ago, but got no info on this from my travel agency!), then got reinstated, but I'd been put out of their system, and they didn't even know if they put me on a plane to New York that day. In the end, they could, but they couldn't put me on a plane to Denver from New York, until the 1st. So either I'd go back to Sweden that day, and go on the 1st, or I could go then (the 29th) to New York, spend the night there, then go to Detroit and from Detroit to Denver on the 30th. Which I did. I had my mind set on going, and I WAS leaving. I had packed all my bags and said "bye for now" to my friends and family! I didn't back down, and in the end I went...
So, to say the least, it was a VERY long travel, and I must admit I've never been so rudely met as I was in New York by the Delta employees. Big let down.. Ah, well, the plane from Detroit to Denver got delayed as well, due to maintainance problems, but it all worked out in the end. Gail, my "american Mom", came and picked me up at the airport last night, which was really nice of her! It was SO good to see her! I've missed everyone over here so much!! It's been three years since my last visit. That is: too long!
I've only been here since yesterday, but already had the time to see a few people, and do some yardwork.. Tonight, we're hopefully going out to dinner. I'll enjoy that. :)

(My carry-on was STUFFED with books! It must have weighted about 15 kg or so (at least!))

Well, I'm looking forward to spending time with my American friends and family for the month I'm staying here :) Hopefully I'll come around to update this blog at least some time during this time.

Please feel free to email me at any time, but please note that I will not be cheking my inbox every day.

Love, peace, over n' out!

// Fanny