tisdag 27 april 2010

SPX 2010 - report

SPX 2010 was a BLAST!
It was nice and all last year, but, well, let's just say things get better all the time ^^

I went up to the Capitol (of Sweden, which is Stockholm) a few days ahead and spent some lurwely time with my artist friends I haven't seen in tooo long :) (thanks for having me! <3)


FRIDAY the 23rd of April

Friday was the release- party for The Swedish Comic Sin anthology-book project! :D
At Debaser, Medis, Stockholm :)

My, that's some SMOKIN' HOT books! ;D

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!
(and those who wanted to, but was unable to)
(in picture, editor for the project; Natalia Batista, talking to Gunnar Krantz, Hedvig Häggman-Sund and Joakim Gunnarsson)

Sexy comic artists Nathalie Nilsson ("Dryspell" in the SCS) and Hannah Oredsson ("Jealous" in the SCS).

Four out of the five Think Ink girls were present in Stockholm! :D
Here with Hedvig.
(Fanny, Hedvig, Nathalie, Amanda and Diana)

We had a small exhibition of the art from the book on the walls in the bar.

Mayor Malfunction boys + Simon.
(Anders Johansson, Simon Andersson, Pär and Johan Palm).

We called it a pretty early night, wanting to be all refreshed and read for the next fanzine-filled day :)

(if you missed buying the book at the the party; just drop me an email (fannnyn(a)gmail.com) and I'll make arrangements to have it sent to you!)


SATURDAY the 24th of April

The Think Ink table! :D
(Diana, Amanda, me and Nat)
We had our all-new studio fanzine; "Think Ink - this is the s#it" (number 4), plus individual projects such as my Silver Pearl and Diana's Birger Jarl comic.

Saturday night was the Galago party :DDD Dancing FTW! <3
Here, loosing up with Maria Wigelius, Adrielle Farr and Johnie Ekman! Precious, sparkling ladies! (Edward has nuthin' on you!)


SUNDAY the 25th of April

Diana and I at the Think Ink table. Coffee and CocaCola is needed <3

Tomas Antila signing the fanzine I bought from him :D

The Dotterbolaget table! :D
Oh, such colorful fanzines!
Great job at finishing the "Best Of"-fanzine on time, ladies! It looked real fine! <3

Sarah Kläpp sat next to our table :) She sure is something else! Check her out!

The PonnyKlubben and Serieskolan fanzine tables! :)
(Maria Wigelius, Johnie Ekman, Joakim Waller and David Linde)

The GAMAJO team! :D
Oh, such talented, lovely fun and alltogether great girls! X)) Tons of hugs to you! <3
(Gabrielle Nilsson, Emma Selberg och Maria Fröhlich)

Lastly, I got to spend a few hours with Anders, drinking coffee and eating a blueberry muffin in Gamla Stan (the pretty, old part of town). Just the two of us <3
(I couldn't make a straight face in the picture, so I made a stupid one XD (the SPX-building seen in the bg))

(let's just ignore the 8 hour trip home on the freezing train without any sleep, and say it was an all over good trip ^^;)

Once again, thank you to everyone who stopped by at the SCS-party and our fanzine table! It was real good seeing ya'll and I hope to do so soon again! :3

Peace, love, over and out!
// Fanny

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